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Hello form Tennessee


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Just want to say hi, I'm trying to get started into blacksmithing and I'm very new to it all. I have some experence stick welding but that is about the extent of my metal experence. I''m trying to start my forge with a tire rim a design I got off line. So far my biggest problem is finding blowers not costing an arm and a leg. Right now I have a man at a hardware store looking to pull a blower from a dishwasher when they get a used one in for me. Not sure how I rig it up but I'll come up with something. Plus I'm finding good anvils are not cheep either, right now I'm using a piece of railroad railing welded to a steel plate. I know it all sounds so pitiful but with money tight you got to start somewhere.

So if anyone has any advice on places to buy equipment or on what or how to do something I'm all ears. I never turn down advice but to claim the right to chose whether or not I will follow it.

Thanks to all and Hello again.
Bill P

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Welcome aboard Bill, glad to have ya.

A hair drier will work for a temp blower as will a shop vac but the shop vac is seriously over powered so it'll need a dump gate of some sort. The vac's motor requires air flow for cooling so just blocking it can damage it.

There are lots of designs, plans, opinions and such for all your basic smithing equipment available here. A good place to start is reading the "getting started, lessons in blacksmithing and blueprints" sections of IFI. Be forewarned though, take a lunch and something to drink, it's easy to get lost and need something to keep your strength up.

Then there is the direct method, just ask a question.


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WELCOME, to the site. I would post a wanted add on the tailgate section of the forum, plus get out and hit some of the junk store's. .. also you might want to check on Blacksmith groups. I think there's a Blacksmith Group down there in Memphis, Some of those guy's might be able to steer you in the right direction, plus its good to join a group for the learning and to meet other's

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Thanks guys I appreciate all the advice.
Your right WagonMaster not to far from me in Memphis we have the Metal Museum and they teach classes but want start back up till Sept. and end in Jan. (just missed them). They are 2 day classes on the weekend and are progressive type classes if you didn't go to the first you can't do the second and so on. As for the equipment I'll have to keep a look out for the junk shops I all ready have a scrap yard close by where I can pick different metal pices to work with. Only problem is there may not be enough or may not be just the right thing. Like now I'm trying to get only a few feet off a coil of steel wire but they are not to willing to cut it, just to much trouble. But so far I make do I was able to make a work table to cut and weld on, holders for my welding rods, and now working on my car wheel forge. Thinking about it I may have a fan from an old heater if I can build a housing for it might work for a blower if not I'll try the blow dryer. Right now all I need is for the money fairy to drop a cool $1000.00 in my lap for an anvil and if lucky a few extras, but I want hold my breath.
Again thanks to all, looking forward to getting to know you all better as time goes by.
Bill P

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