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I Forge Iron

An old green horn


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I have been watching this forum for a while. I have forged and worked with metal the majority of my life, but feel as though I know little about the process and this site is a good place to pick up knowledge with others advice and researching. I like to build blackpowder firearms and cut my stock wood on a bandmill.
I have an old buffalo 60 forge and a peter wright 150, but have a stainless steel casing built for a small gas forge and have tried to study on burners so I won't blow myself into another universe.
I do the welding and fabricating for the farm and mill.
Anyway,, I put a post on like the site wanted me too, so Howdy.:)

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Welcome aboard Greenhorn, glad to have ya.

If you do some searching of the site you'll find lots of gas forge threads and discussions. I'll be more than happy to lend you a hand with burners and such. That way the next universe can relax. Not too sure about the next county though. :o


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