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mini-chopper (kevin's #6 and counting)

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Greetings All,

I am posting the "almost done" version of this knife.

It is 1095
just over 10" long
2.5 wide
3/16 to 1/8" thick

edge quenched in canola
tempered at 425 for two 3-hour cycles

1095 guard
mokume butt cap

I want to thank those who gave me input when I asked on the "Design and Critique" board.

I am continually pleased by the willingness of those in this community to help someone with essentially no experience. I can't over state how much this means to me.

Any comments, advice, or encouragement are welcomed. You guys have been serving as proxy teachers, although I have a lead from a nice gentleman for some real teaching soon.





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Yes, it is a beach tree. It is in my front yard here in CT.

I haven't made a sheath yet. I am no good with leather work, yet.

I have been making wooden scabbard by sandwiching a layer of boxwood or balsa with a knife-shaped cut-out between two thin and flat layers of the same wood. Then, I put a small piece of leather in the mouth to press the knife into the wood and act as a "keeper." Then, I grind and stain these. Also drill a hole in end for drain and air movement.

The technique is really simple, and you get a sturdy protective box. Unfortunately, the one's I have made to date have been really ugly. I need to either use a more attractive wood, or get some good leather to cover the final product.

I like working with metal better than wood, so I haven't emphasized this, but I am getting a stack of knives with no covering again, so I will make another run at improving sheath skills soon.


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