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rural mail box post


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Check with the PO for the regulations regarding height, distance from driving surface, etc. Then check with DOT to find out what's legal to put in the right of way.

The second is the most important because you are liable for anything you put in the right of way, some places will fine you for not getting a permit. Then there's the liability issue if you put oh say a 12 ton boulder within X distance of the driving surface and someone hits it. Guess who's liable?

You typically don't have to worry about the PO making you change or remove it so long as it's reasonably easy to reach from the road or wherever the carrier customarily accesses it.

So, I recommend putting the box itself at or close to the height and distance all the others are. Then do NOT make a super heavy duty post, you don't want some drunk driver owning your home, shop and pension.

Be careful not to have straight pieces of steel exposed that might spear someone. This is the perfect place for scrolled ends.

Lastly, post pic please.


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My buddy John Rausch made one that ABANA asked him to dig up and send to them for a conference several years ago, they even put it in their video. If I can manage to get a pic of it, I'll post it here, it's about the coolest one I've seen.

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Yes, I agree with Frosty on the regulations. A friend of mine got tired of the snow plow taking out his 4x4 wood post. So he decided to get some 6" sq. tube, cement it in the ground and fill it with cement then mount the mail box on top. Then he had to pay for repairs to the snow plow the next year:(. So just be careful.

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