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When i got my oxy-acet torch i decidedto fab up a forge, just till mine gets here from canada, we oxy welded it all together(no welder yet, still in canada to), some weds broke from the heat so we went out and rented a little mig for the day, worked great.....

Firpot is a brake routor, table is 1/8" Plate, legs are bed frame angle iron,

tuyre (however its spelt) or ash dump thing is some 2" exgaust pipe with a plange weded to the top and ash dump is a piece of plate, hole drilled into it and bolt sld through and welded to the tube,(hope that made sence)

fierd it last night and it worked well




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Brandon, you're on the right track, but that plate will bukle with the heat. You did not need to weld it to your forge stand. If it just laid loosely in the lip of the angle iron, it would have somewhere to go when it heats up. My portable forge is made in a similar fashion but I used 4 pieces of 16 guage with angle underneath to support my rectangular firepot, but they are not welded. When I go somewhere, everything comes out and I can get rid of the dust and load it easily by myself.

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darn, that is a good idea, it actually started sagging down a tiny bit toroed the firepot, (unlss my eyes are lying to me), but thats ok, its only a quick forge till i get my other one.... maby i do some more work when i get the other one and use this one as a demo forge......

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