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Leaf spring stock

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A while ago I received the back half of a 1951 Ford two ton truck. I was after the leaf springs, but the guy was going to scrape the truck so he gave me the entire back half. I now have about fifty or so leaf springs that I want something to do with. I have recently been making knives out of them but it is kind of thick stock for a knife. If any one has any other ideas on any good projects that call for old leaf springs I would be glad to know.


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I learned a great use for leaf springs recently. If they are the kind that taper down to pretty thin at the end with a radius on the end, cut a bunch of end pieces about eight inches long. They make nice, tough, thin wedges for around the shop. They work great for shimming a project to the correct height when fabricating, wedging welds apart when doing repair work, etc. I keep a handful in my welding trailer, they get used all the time.

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Years ago i made a cattle branding iron out of leaf springs. Because the edges are rounded it worked great. You just have to be careful about getting to much metal, to hot, at the intersections where the metal crosses. But you could make some for friends that aren't going to actually be used as branding irons.

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