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Chainmail Vid And Stuff


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I have been making chainmail lately because I can't blacksmith because ts winter and there's snow all around. I made a video on how to make chainmail easier, here is a link to it YouTube - making chain mail with a simple jig

I'll be putting up some pics on my chainmail making set up tomorrow I hope, also was wondering if anyone had any pics of chainmail items they have made like suits or something, or maybe a picture of your set up when you make chainmail.

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Oddly enough I used to make chainmaille before I got avidly involved in blacksmithing. Everything from small keychains & jewelery to coifs and Hauberks (I had four of those.....two full length to the knees with footman slits). I never bothered with riviting my maille because todays high tensile wires eliminate the need for that provided you're working with the proper gauge. I don't know if I still have any pics kicking around. I think I lost most of them when my old PC went down for the count.

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Ahh steel wire is cheaper than Al wire.

According to modern testing; a rivited link is 10 times stronger than the same sized link butted. Therefore you can make a much lighter maille shirt with rivited rings that will be stronger than a butted ring shirt. If you think that doesn't make a difference wear a mailshirt continuously for a while. longest I ever made it was 3 days---had trouble sleeping in it as it felt like someone sitting on my chest after a while. I finished my first shirt made of 1/4 ID rings in 1981.

armourarchive.org is a good site for armour stuff including maille. (note affected spellings of armour and maille)

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