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My first friction folder...


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Finished my first friction folder today. Well, I still have to sharpen it, but it is basically finished. The stats:
Blade forged from tire iron
Brass liners and pinned brass bolsters
Mild steel "divider" with forged detail
Walnut handle scales

All work was done by hand except for drilling pin/rivet holes with drill-press (never could drill a straight hole!)...blade forged very close to shape in coal forge with hand cranked blower, then bevel was filed in and finished with increasing finer emery cloth. Liners, bolsters and divider cut out with fret saw. Divider detail forged then liners and divider shaped with files. Scales hand sawed from firewood with rip saw and hand planed. Everything finished up with my own turp/blo/beeswax mixture and emery cloth.

Thanks for looking...your comments are always an inspiration.


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First of all, thanks for the comments. Secondly, sorry for the lousy pictures...I did not realize how bad they are! Will try to post some better ones. Finally, the scales are black walnut. Heat treat: normalize x 3, heat to "cherry red" and quench in used motor oil/automatic transmission fluid. Heated chunk of steel to red and held spine of blade against that until edge color ran to bronze, then quenched. Upon honing blade it seems a bit hard. May temper a little softer next time. Thanks for looking, appreciate the comments. When I see the work some of you guys do on a regular basis, I am indeed humbled. bart

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