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Hi everyone, my names john, i was looking at all the knives you guys made and they all look awesome! I've always wanted to make my own knives but never knew how, I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to get started, like are there courses you could take or what?!?! I have no clue about any of this, any advice would help. thanks for looking.

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Welcome to the site! There's tons of info on the front page in the lessons in metal working. There are courses all over that you can take.

You should click "User CP" at the top of the page and list your location, that way you can be directed to courses near by and maybe someone here is close enought to lend a hand in person.

Good to have you!

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You have definitely come to the right place. Education plus experience is the best way to start. I started making knives from finished blades which are available on many websites. Just google "knife blades" something will come up. I was in the Army and did not have any where to work on knives except the barracks. With just a few hand tools and materials that I ordered from catalogues(this was before the Internet)I was able to make some respectable knives. What it taught me was how to assemble a knife. I had to learn later on how to forge, shape, harden and temper blades. I would like to plug one website and DVD on knife making that I found to be a great help to one just starting out.http://www.livelyknives.comYou don't need a lot of equipment and power tools. You can get those later. Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop is another good source for one starting out. This forum is one of the best locations to gather a lot of information and help as well...Good luck

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I agree that Wayne has written a wonderful book, that I tell amm my apprentices they need to own, and for only $10 you cant go wrong. Also Tim Lively is a good man, and good maker of fine blades. He is not afraid to push the envelope.

ALSO Friday Night at 10 PM EST we host a live knife chat in our chat room. good place to learn a little about blades. IF you cant make it thats ok, we compile the conversion for reposing here in the the forums, thee are tagged with a "topic " in the heading

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