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Question about Leadscrews

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Hi Everybody!
I have a pile of steel leadscrews out back (see photo). I know they are not the ideal material to use for smithing, but I hate to let them rust. Does anybody have any ideas on something decorative or unusual that could be forged with them?



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I'd probably make a big bench vise from one anyway. The kind like wood workers have built into the bench top that is.

I've seen (somewhere online) some pretty cool forged items made from lead screws and acme allthread. Try squaring one up and twisting for one cool effect I remember. Actually there were a number of different twist patterns but I don't recall specific twists.


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FWIW, take the worn out nut (internal threaded part of a leg vise, Chuck it up in a lathe, bore it out a 1/4 inch larger than the OD of the thread, drill about 8 to 10 holes in various places thru the outside. Countersink the holes from the outside. wrap the outside tight with multiple layers of Aluminum foil then Duct or Masking tape, SMOKE the thread real well with straight Acetylene flame, position the thread in the center of the Nut, then pour it full of hard High Speed Babbit. Wallaa, a new nut.

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Thanks everybody. They came out of linear positioners made by a company I used to work for. I still have a few working units and they come in handy in the shop once in a while. I guess I'll keep a few screws for vise applications and try forging the rest to see what kind of patterns & twists I can get. I'll post 'em when I get something done.
Thanks again!

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Well, here's my first effort with hammering out a leadscrew. Thanks especially to Trying-It and Frosty for the suggestions regarding edges and twists. I'll have to explore the medium a little more. I just basically made a rolled rose with some curls and a twist. For the twist I hammered it roughly square, incised the threads and untwisted a bit - much like you would do for a pineapple twist. I'm not totally satisfied with it but it's a start.





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