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Helping dad sell his blacksmithing equipment

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My father was just forced into retirement from blacksmithing by a severe heart attack, so I'm trying to help him sell a lot of his blacksmith (& horse shoeing) equipment. I'd really welcome any tips for websites or forums where I can list it- and values. He was in business for himself for about 35 years, has a lot of very old and sturdy stuff, and has always taken the best care of it. I really want to make sure I can help him by getting him the best price. Also, he doesn't know how to use a computer, so I'm really hoping to be able to access a bigger market this way.

The biggest item is a Little Giant 25lb Power Hammer (serial #1475). I've done some research and think this could be worth around $3,000.00.

If anybody is interested in the hammer, knowing what we've got to sell, or has any tips, we'd really appreciate it!


Jill (& Jack) Malusky, Malusky Farms, Homerville, Ohio

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! Sorry to hear about your Dad, I would love to stand at the forge to watch and learn from him. All the above places mentioned are good places to list these items, eBay being the best to bring top $$. If you list your LG on eBay I would suggest that you put a reserve on it, that means you will not sale for less that that price. Also, list for pick-up only. GOOD, CLEAR pictures speak volumes, and take plenty. Take a shot of the dies as most want to see what shape they are in and also the babbit areas, serial #, motor, full front, and full side. Good luck. Oh yea, anvils sale for a premium on eBay! (set a reserve!)

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