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Crude Machete


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Just finished this today. Yesterday I suddenly got the (peculiar) urge to forge a Machete-like knife. The only steel I had that was big enough was an old leaf spring, so I just used that, even though I greatly prefer using new steel. Since I couldn't be completely sure about the steel I didn't bother spending great amounts of time on it, so after forging it out quite crudely I just ground a rough edge and heat treated it. (2 x normalizing, hardening, and 2x tempering). Gave the edge a quick finish and fixed it up with a shaft of very dense Juniper wood. Any comments and/or constructive criticism appreciated!


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I like it.
I think I would have had the blade run all the way into the handle, true full tang style. I think that the design is cool. however I am a bit afraid that if it is a practical machete (chopping brush, and occasionally branches) having the bottom of the blade cut and rounded out may stress the spine a bit too much.
I do like the un-polished sides, that always adds to outdoor/hunting/camping knives! Keep it up I hope to see more of your work!

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Thank you both very much!

I intentionally forged it down so it is a lot thicker where it goes in near the handle, maybe 8-9 mm, as to about 3-4 mm on the rest of the blade. I think it should be solid enough, but I don't think it will get a lot of use anyways. But I definately understand your concern, and I'm glad you made me aware of it.

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