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Shop Safety with Ted chat feb 06,09

Steve Sells

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compiled from Friday night Knife Chat Feb, 06,09

[steve sells]tonight we are covering Safety in the knife shop. I must state I am a slob but we MUST keep out floor clean, and swept tripping with a 2000F blade in our hands and falling can be annoying., a grinder or saw vibrating off can kill us. Since I build my new shop I have most everything bolted in place, but a C clamp works well too my chop I used C clamps as I move it a lot. Ever use a drill press and have it grab the stock ? my press had a machinists vise, I also have to use C clamps.
[markb] I have a lot of tools on wheeled carts but then there are cords all over the floor , not good, so I thought about outlets hanging from above
[steve sells] thats a good idea, TED I just started by covering the Tools being locked in place, and stock secured. Cord reals, can be as simple as S hook hanging on the stand to the spring loaded coils $30 at lowes, because a tangle is asking to get your feet caught. Tonight I asked Ted to join us as this man has over 35 years experience as an OSHA inspector. Ted the floor is your if you wish it

[Ted T] I had a real holder "Retractable" I felt it at one time it was connected to a heater. The coil and the plug was RED HOT!
[markb] Too small or induction?
[Ted T] I think it was induction. It took a week!
[markb] A week to get hot?
[Ted T] It was so hot that as I un-wound it I could not touch the cord! I do not know how long it took, I had had it plugged in for a week before I felt it!
[markb] I've heard of induction heat from coiled cords but never seen it
[steve sells] I must add SPLITTERS can be a BIG nono, how many of you have splitters in your shop to plug in a few items to the same outlet? As electrician I have installed 20 amp receptacles, 20 amp wire and a 20 amp breaker for every single plug location so I do not over load, but I bet most here do not have that available to them.
[Ted T] 1Steve would you like me to just post a quick list of types of problems I am aware of -- Over 50 years of observations and experience with it! Here is just a few, but not limited to this list of Shop Dangers where people may get hurt or killed.
...Acids for etching or cleaning (breathing fumes, splash, or contact) --- Hot Oil or Salt used to heat treat. --- Electrical problems (shorts in cords or tools) (coiled extension cords heating up) (extension cord trip or snag) --- Heat (grabbing hot tools) (picking up -hot-black- hot steel) (not keeping hydrated ) --- Obstacles or objects on shop floor (trip and fall) --- Slip
Slippery floor (Oil or water from quenching), --- Fumes produced from Welding, Cutting, Heating, Quenching, Etching and Forging ) --- Grinding (sparks around flammable material) (spark slivers in eyes) (broken stone chunk projectiles) (stone, wire brush, cloth polishing wheel, (catching throwing, or material wrap up with what ever it can get a hold of) ---
Oxygen (mixed with oil), to much pressure with Acetylene (not over 15 psi) --- Gas leaks such as (propane) (acetylene), --- Process of Turning on and off gas tanks (gauge blow back) Quenching a pipe or cylinder (steam blow-back), ---
Hammering with hardie left in the hardie hole (cold or hot cut especially) --- Un-secure anvil, vice or other equipment (crushed feet injured hands) --- Not using Head, Foot, Clothing, Eye (proper lens & protective covering), Ear, and Breathing protection when required --- Lifting to heavy of an object, or an awkward object, or lifting object in-correctly ---
Using a broken tool such as a (hammer with a loose head) (broken lens in welding helmet) --- Using tongs that do not fit the material you are forging --- Not controlling visitors or animals (not providing safety equipment or giving instructions of where to stand and what not to touch) --- Not having first aid equipment available --- not having a list of Emergency number to call
Not understanding the type materials to avoid heating or melting down with out proper protection --- Not having an understanding of hardened steel properties (shattering) --- Un-safe sharpening Jigs --- leaving tools in the sun --- not inspecting hoses, cables, or rope --- Not inspecting gauges --- Storing and using propane in an enclosed area --- That is off the top of my head!
[steve sells] things we may not think about including, acids can make fumes and toxins from woods like Cocobolo and bone and Ivory and shells, become airborn when grinding and polishing, getting into out lungs. Pine is annoying, some of our handle material can kill us.
TED don't you suggest a check list of start up, and finish tasks to help the noob, abd old timer stay safe? like a fast sweep before starting, removes leaves, etc, , checking fire extinguisher is still accessible, flue is not blocked...
[Ted T] Most I have talked with did not take it serious. It would be nice to have an orginized list, I think!
[steve sells] 10:26 pm: a drill key is NOT in the chuck? Too many of us, meself included, take our safety for granted like if they have a 5 # ABC wghere is it located, and how long since YOU checked if its good ?
[Ted T] What you just said about the drill key in the chuck don't mean anything Unless it happens to you! Then YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT!
[Tinker2] think to prevent

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[Ted T] When I don't want to take the time to put on my safety glasses or a mask or some other bothersome safety process, I now think in terms of (I owe it to my wife and family to do it) .

[steve sells] MY forge pair of glasses has IR filter for the forge too
[Ted T] Tinker2 --- Correct!!! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
[steve sells] MY doctor suggested ROSE-ONE
[markb] What is rose 1
[steve sells] some use didydium, and Ptree, a safety inspector in S Indiana said a #3 filter for welders is enough to protect from IR burning our retna's
[steve sells] there are dif fillters that can be added to glasses to protect for light rays
[Ted T] People have wooden legs and arms, but you cannot see out of a plastic eye!
[steve sells] I asked my deye oc and he told me the rose-1 is better for the wave lengths I see in forge welding, 1800 to 2300F, and that the didydium was for glass melting
[steve sells] but a cheap protection is buy a #3 filter at the welding shop, get a clip on for over your normal glasses if you wish
[markb] Is rose 1 clear or tinted
[steve sells] looks clear, but I can see its not completely clear when I take them off it also removes the HAZE in the fire pot I can see the metal clearer too it is NOT pink like the didydium are
[markb] I only have one eye so this is important to me
[steve sells] ok so Mark buys a monicle ;) the rest of us should listen to him cause he KNOWS what it is to have only one, I hope none of us have that problem I also have 2 pair of the $8 safety glasses, for visitors.

[steve sells] hearing: ear plugs are hard to place when I have dirty hands, so I have 2 pair of FLIGHT DECK head phones also good are shooting head phones, as they can be put in place, and removed easy.
[markb] I carry the foam plugs in pocket at all times
[Ted T] At 69 yrs I am deaf, lung problems, and arthritis. I cannot take a chance with what is left of my body. I use -- N99 breathing mask when I weld. I have a " Lincoln Electric Fume extractor" . I use several deferent type of masks and eye wear! Hearing is important. Ear protection is a must when you need it. I cannot tell where the leaks are with my air delivery system are located. I have to get my wife to come out and listen for me.
[markb] can't have too many
[tetnum] kill the ring on the anvil it helps emensly.
[steve sells] I killed mine with rubber mat, and a log chain
[steve sells] what about first aid kits in your shops ? I don't expect you get a large one like mine, but what do you have? : a simple car type kit hanging on the wall, with a tweezers for removing splinters is plenty
[tetnum] the big one and the smaller one for demos
[steve sells] what about protecting our hands? I have a box of kevlar gloves, they cost me $8 a pair
[tetnum] no gloves with spinning things
[Ted T] That is good tetnum
[steve sells] I grind bare handed too, but when the blade is sharp I wear them to hand polish the blade and handles
[Ted T] I am going to remember that one: [tetnum] 8:45 pm: no gloves with spinning things
[markb] Can you feel through kevlar?
[steve sells] I occasionally get bit by the belt when grinding, but thats better than getting pulled in by it, no gloves at the wheel
[tetnum] yes and when heat is gone its gone unlike leather gloves
[steve sells] not as well, they are thin knit gloves, the feeling IS reduced a little, But there is still plenty of feeling for hand sanding, that is where I usually get cut by the blade
[markb] I've had the leather burn
[tetnum] its steam that sits with you
[markb] I'm deathly afraid of the buffer
[Ted T] I love my LEATHER welding gloves. But you would be suprised at how long it really takes to get one off if you need it off quickly.
[tetnum] i dont own one and have no plans of getting one
[Ted T] the cost is nothing compared to going to the ER and all (It could be a few thousand )
[steve sells] a few wise men have started when ever we enter a work place, decide what we want to keep with us when we leave,and try to protect those body parts while we are in there.
[Ted T] As a rule of thumb, I guess I calculated the cost of safety equipment with the cost of Medical costs. Equipment (no pain) won out!
[steve sells] also MY WIFE made me put a thermometer in the shop
[markb] for heat exhaustion?
[steve sells] she TOLD me if that says 90F or above I better have a jug of drinking water near me..That is at head level 2 ft from the forge. Just like my head is when working there.. so its close to same temp MY head is at. Its very easy to get dehydrates in the shop and so easy to prevent
[Ted T] I had a heat stroke two years ago. I was in the sun for 4 hours before they found me. I could hardly stand any heat this year
[markb] Too many hot attics for me no tolerance
[tetnum] some one had an air conditoned shop i may see a reason for this
{steve sells] Thank you TED for joining us and giving up your evening play time for us here
[Ted T] I just wish I could visit everybody and talk about it in person. Their safety means more to me than my blacksmithing

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Shade 3's can be found for less at Hagemeyer. See the thread shade 3 flip-ups. Less than $9.00 + ship.

By the way Steve Sells, I am an Industrial Environmental Safety and Health Specialist. Been a safety/enviro guy for perhaps 20 years now, But not really a safety inspector:)

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oops, sorry for the mistake, I tried gave you credit where it was due :) for your explanation to me of shade 3. Also note the major cost difference to the rose-1 I use, and the other didymium variations recommended, to a very wallet friendly shade#3 welding lens.

I was hoping you can do a follow up to what we started with Ted, in a few weeks. As I try to not over load too much of one topic at a time in the knife chat.

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