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Some architectural items

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These are first pictures of my work. I'm more a farrier than a blacksmith, but the first picture is a door handle in our bunkhouse, the second is actually a structural plate. Someone was renovating an old (pardon me -- historical) brick building for an art gallery and upscale apt when they discovered a place with the bricks bulging outward. The normal fix is a steel plate with a long threaded bolt run to a solid structural interior member.

This man didn't want a plain square plate on his art studio so this was my solution - the first blacksmithing piece I actually sold.

The third and fourth pictures are the door to my shop (a 1930's milk barn). When I told my better half that I had to put in a new door, large enough for horses, she said it couldn't look new so here's my new old door.






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Was the first door latch forged out of a rasp? I couldn't tell from the pic, but it looked kinda like there was some texture on the handle. I use my old shoeing rasps to make door handles and all kinds of things. Its nice when you can have your own work in and around the farm (unless I have a pair of hinges made that will work, my wife doesn't want to wait for me to make a pair for what we are doing...;-)

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