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New guy from Okla


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Howdy, I just discovered this site. I am new to blacksmithing. I have an anvil, a pair of tongs, a floor vise I found at junk shop and a hammer. I made a nail header. nail making is the first project I want to get good at. I am building a bellows and a forge. I am pretty excited at the possibilities of what can learn and do. Thanks for having me around.
Eddie Reese

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OkRhys, Saltforkcraftsmen is going to have a blacksmith meeting in Tulsa on Feb. 14th at Bill Kendal's shop. His shop is located 2 blocks south of I-44 on Peoria, behind Ferguson Plumbing. You are more than welcome to come by and visit, maybe hammer some! Bring your projects, tools or whatever but most important bring yourself!

Bill Davis

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! This is the premier site for anything metal so kick off your shoes and enjoy.
Like Bill Davis mentioned above, I encourage you to attend. Great bunch of folks in the Saltfork group, all willing to help in any way they can. If you so desire, there is a meeting Somewhere in Oklahoma every Sat. of the month. The Southeast Region usually meeting in Paris, TX but really depends on who will be hosting it. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome to the gang Eddie, glad to have ya.

Below are a few sections of IFI that'll help get you started. Pack a lunch and some liquid refreshment there's lots to read and look at.
IForgeIron.com > Getting Started

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing > LB0008 Reference material

IForgeIron.com > Forum > Archive (Look for multiple pages 2,3,4 etc at the top of page. Pack a lunch and a cold drink before you go.)

IForgeIron.com > Blacksmithing Groups


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