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I Forge Iron

Hello and thanks.

Johnny Woolsey

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I finally decided I should give up lurking and say hello to all.I am a fulltime artist in Southern Ut., and a 1st year addict to blacksmithing.
I wanted to express my appreciation to all on this site and to blacksmiths in general for your generosity and welcome approach to the "Newbies" who stumble into your path in this type of forum.
The knowledge (and humor) you folks freely share has been and continues to be "Priceless".
Thanks again!

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Welcome Hillbilly,
I'm glad you found us. As I get older, when I visit a new area or city, I'm more prone to stopping at art galleries for a time killer instead of pubs. (okay, I still visit pubs, but I can usually walk away these days). I get down hearted in a lot in art galleries, I see a wonderfully designed iron piece across the room, when I approach it, I see super ugly machine scroll work, or torch cut arcs migged together with inherant BB's splatted all over the piece. I wish I could just spend an afternoon with the artist and just work on a few basics.. I'll quit ranting now, please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have, you may get six answers to two questions, but there's a quality-oriented thought path to them all. Carry on, Govn'r, keep fighting the good fight.

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Hello Frosty. This is an INCREDIBLE site and I am very thankful for those who obviously spend a huge amount of time maintaining this forum( especially Glen).
I am somewhat computer challenged but I will try to post some photos. This is part of my initiative in de-lurking. I just finished my second power hammer (JYH)and wanted to share the design and maybe get some additional ideas.
I have a 100# friction drive spring helve with a simple lever actuated stroke height adjuster.(Jerry Allen inspired) Works really well with honest control. I'll try to post a photo and a new thread over in the hammer forum asap.
Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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