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Tempering spring steel blade

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Ok ive got my blade ready for hadening and tempering my blade is an old leafspring from a truck ill be useing oil heated to close to 130f to harding it nor when tempering in a oven ill back it at no highter than 450f for 1 hour and repeat 3 times correct or do i need to do it differnt i had all this info on my pc and after the power comp sent me a $6000 bill for 1 month that im fighting with them over now im staying with friends and useing dial up so its realy hard to search for the info i dont want to ty up there pc no longer than needed so if 1 of you folks could give me a direct link or tell me how the wifes oven tempering is done i would realy thank you

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i dont recall asking for help with that i hadnt read in the rules where my spelling had to be perfect i guess i may have missed it and sorry if i posted it in the wrong section
i had a simple question i dint need alession in grammer the site says blacksmithing so i thought that is what i could ask about sorry if i have offended have a good day

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I have been trying to find it but this connection is taking 10 - 15 mins per page to load it may be the pc but it makes searching a big pain

The sticky's are at at the top of the page for the knife section to assist everyone.

This is a very common question, so along with a few other items, rather than expecting me or others to keep typing the same answers all over again it was put into a sticky. We weren't trying to hide it from you.

There have been a few issues with the site this past week or so as updates and changes have been taking place, the delays may not be on your end.

Also there is no reason to get upset over a person attempting to assist you in communicating. This forum is read and translated into many languages, and its harder for people, Babel-fish and other programs to translate, with run-on sentences, and unusual grammar.
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