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concrete floors and dust binding

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Has any of you any experience/knowledge on using silicates (sodium silicate=water glass, fluosilicates) on concrete floors?

My shop floor was poured yesterday. I will sand it next weekend and then I want to put something on it for dust binding. Silicates can be used about two weeks after pouring so I could use them before getting all the stuff in.

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How big is your floor?
There is a floor paint that is available, it's not cheap but it is really nice and very durable, I can't remember the name right off hand but a freind of mine did his floor with it. You can hit it with a hammer and it won't chip, it also fills/covers imperfections in the concrete, but that is more for old floors, since your is new it shouldn't have any.
I'll see if I can find the info on it, contacted them about doing my floor and they sent me a packet of info.
It will cost a few hundred dollars but you'll only do it once, not like a lot of the floor paints on the market.


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From "Soluable Silicates In Industry", 1928 by Vail, "Most cement bodies are more or less porous. this is particularly true of Portland cement concretes which set by a process of crystalization or hydration of insoluable silicates. One method of closing the pores consists in applying a silicate solution sufficiently dilute to penetrate and sufficiently unstable to deposite a gel in the capillary openings." It goes on but the idea is to use a dilute solution applying it for three days and you should get deep penetration of an inch or more. This protectes the concrete from impacts, and water. About a 10% solution is suggested of Na2O, 3.25SiO2.

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if the guys pouring didn't do it already, I suggest top coating with a sealer soon. This is normally done soon after pouring as it also assists in the cure. I used it after I did the brush finish for anti-slip, while still green.

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