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As a long time member of this time honored tradtion I'd like to find out what others are planning for the spring while sitting in warm chairs close to the fire?

I have the various seed and nursery catalogs piled up by my chair. I'm starting to get some beekeeping books out to reaquaint myself with my Vernal chores.

These are really cutting into my Blacksmith bookreading time, but that seems to maintain itself as a top priority.

What I find interesting is that Blacksmithing is not really a seasonal endevour like my other jobs. I decided to not push myself to get my shop together. I'm easing into that; I want to set myself up for success along those lines.

So what do you have going around in your head that may or may not become reality?

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thor's hammer beer openers. (old friends want another batch of beer openers)

Make new boxes for tool transport for demos. I will fill any box I build so I want them not as long as the military cases I work out of.

See if I can finish up my plans for a two layer trestle table tool and stock stand for demos on the road.

modify my work boxes so I can mount my chisels to the underside of the lid and have a small flip out hammer and file rack come off the front

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The arrival of the seed catalogs is a sure sign that spring will eventually arrive in E. Ky.
My wife does most of the seed catalog browsing, so I'm not sure what I'll be planting this year.

In mid January, I'm always kicking myself for NOT cutting enough firewood back in september, when the weather was nice........

After half joking in a post about making "Bullwinkle" tongs.......I'm wondering if I really could make them.......the horns are the dilemna!

'dilemna?.......maybe I should learn to spell too...........:)

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I'm working on next years wood. I heat exclusively with wood though. I have been caught short too many times at this part of the year and I'm trying to stay ahead. I run behind most places, but I'm learning that if we have enough wood and enough hay things will be OK. Won't need as much hay next year as I sent the last beefer to the butcher, don't plan on any more either.

My wife is taking over much of the garden, but I enjoy seeing those catalogs come in.

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I'm planning a couple projects, one a commission, one a club project for the next meeting. The rest are hardware and such I've been intending to make for some time now.

There is of course a huge list of things to finish up in the shop itself now my arm is officially healed.


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