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Hi to all, I just signed up and are enjoying the knowledge this site and members have to offer. I have not been dabling long in heating/bending and forming metal but love what it has to offer and are on a roller coaster ride now that I have started. I have done some small projects and are happy to date with the end results. I have been collecting old metal work for years and finally thought I cant just collect it I must do something with it hence my interest, I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia. All the best to all cheers Bully

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Hey Bully, good to have you here at IFI. Your gonna find folks here of every skill level and from all over the globe. Lots of folks from Oz hang around here. You might want to check out the getting started section on the home page. Lots of great basics there. There are several blueprints available with ideas and helpful information... then the forum area... heck just pack yourself a lunch and a tall beverage, cause you could be here a while!

Look forward to seeing you around IFI

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Welcome to the merry band Bully, glad to have you.

There's probably someone on board with expertise in virtually any form of forging you're interested in taking up, all you have to do is ask. That can be hard to do before you have some of the vocabulary down and an idea of what you like. There're plenty of section of the site to help you figure those things out, here are a few.

IForgeIron.com > Getting Started

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing > LB0008 Reference material

IForgeIron.com > Forum > Archive (Look for multiple pages 2,3,4 etc at the top of page. Pack a lunch and a cold drink before you go.)

IForgeIron.com > Blacksmithing Groups



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Frosty , if you believe some that come here us AUSSIE'S already stand on our heads ( downunder ) about time youse joined us ...... ;)

Next u'll want us ta turn our clocks " back " so we's are the same time as you lot ( i'm sure i'd love goin' ta work in the middle of the nite ... NOT ) ( not my fault youse is 14 - 16 hrs behind us here )

Tis cos we's so " smart " that's why we's so far ahead ( time ) of youse lot .


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