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I have an old Browne and Sharp(I think) surface grinder that had a motor added to the back to run it. I checked the original motor and it still works. I reckon the belt broke and they just added the other motor rather than go thru the aggravation of making a new belt.
My question is, should I go with a leather belt or a composite?
Thanks bruce


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Our local industrial supply sells the composite belting and does the lacing. Call them with the measurement and it's ready that day. I run my SB lathe and power hammer on it, over 5 years and still doing great. I give the belts a quick squirt of belt dressing every couple weeks or so if they appear to be slipping too much.

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McMaster Carr sells belting material and some continuous belts. You can shop online and read the descriptions of the composite and the leather belts. Leather is FAR more expensive, and in my experience, not any better for my applications. I've been running my power hammers with composite from them for a long time with very good performance. My SB lathe is also composite.


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