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champion midway blower


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Hello,just cleaned up my blower today,gear box was empty,added atf filled about halfway,maybe too much? when i cranked blower it started blowing atf out of blower,does any one know what the correct level should be?does anyone know if maybe you could replace seal for shaft on blower if so where can i get the seal,also would it hurt to just run blower without fluid? any replys helpful thanks

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I continued to search postings after thread,one guy mentioned practical machnist website looked thru there,guy on there said spiral gear blowers weren't design to be "wet",just lube as you use.stamped into gear box is midway spiral gear drive!!! duh!!!,i'll drain fluid down some,and try this,really appreciate help.IFORGEIRON site is awesome!!!!

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Unless you live in really cold country non-detergent 30wt is what they were made for. Put a few drops in the port on top at the start of the day and a couple more after lunch maybe. Then again these aren't sensitive devices so as long as it's got a little lube in it it'll be fine.

Don't worry though, I think all of us who didn't have someone to tell them has filled the gear box to just shy of the lower shaft. Well, that's the level I filled mine to anyway.

What a mess.


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