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Late Christmas Present

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I have been working on this thing on and off for several weeks. It is made of recycled past projects and one of the spokes from an old manure spreader my father in law gave me a while back.

Oh, if it was not apparent, it is a boot scraper.


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I cannot claim too much originality. I saw a picture in an old-world architectural metal working book several years ago.

While I didn't make the scraper while looking at any picture, when all of the individual pieces were finally stuck together, the picture I had seen so long ago popped back into my head.

The back piece was orignally a large sconce back that resulted in my first attemp at a fleur-de-lise. that's why the bottom scrolly things are so bugly. the actual scraper is a third attempt, having broken the tenon'd ends off the previous two attempts while gradding them out too cold.

I have a devel of a time making rivets. that is probably the one thing I have the hardest time with. as much as I like my little gasser, my next forge will be a charcoal forge. fuel supply mostly because I can make my own fuel for relatively cheap.

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