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I Forge Iron

My Side Daft.

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Been a while since I have been here. I hope everyone is doing fine. Here is my Shop Forge that I have been working on. I did manage to fire it last week. Works well. Need some fine tuning though. My pesticide blower did ok for a test drive until I find a nice one. Happy New Year Folks.


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Very tidy job but not a 'side draught' forge as we Brits would understand it! By the way, I've found that keeping hammers too close to the fire can make the heads come off.

Yeah, this side of the pond we call the intake for the smoke stack the draft / draught and the incoming air the blast. On a forge that is, if we're talking about a wood or coal heat stove then the draft is the air intake and has nothing to do with the stack. :confused:

So we have side draft or hooded stacks and side or bottom blast forges.

Good point about the hammers. I keep my hammers close to the anvil and hang my in use tongs on the forge. Then I have racks on my little steel table with hammers and tongs I "might" need.

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