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I got a weld!

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GET SOME!!!! Hey guys! Got a weld! Finally....been a whole year trying. I did everything how I was before, but this time I changed my forge around. I figured you could predict how the air would move easier with a coal forge design instead a side blown forge. So I cut a large hole in a pipe and fed it through the forge like a side blown one. Is that a suitable design? Or do I spend time making a real coal forge design? I have a tire rim I want to fill up the wholes with concrete, but feed the tuyere the same way as the side blown forge. Any opinions would be awsome. Here are some fotos. There is the forge I got a weld in, the tire rim I want to fix up, and the faggot weld. I tried making sure it welded by bending it over on itself. Is that a good way of testing if it welded? Sorry about soo many questions, thanks guys! Any help is more than welcome!




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Congradulations..feels good dosnt it? It gets easier now..When I first learned to weld I couldent figure what I was doing wrong for the life of me..Then i got a few hints from some fellow smiths(Glen for one) and it just feel into place..Just small, tiny adjustments is all I had to make...

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Thanks everyone! I just finished getting another today! Hahaha, its sooo cool! I made a small tomahawk. Folded a piece of iron and put a piece of an old file in it and welded. I have to clean it up, but I'll post some fotos. I just cant believe how cool it is!!!! Thanks again!

P.S- I dont think I can thank you enough Mark!

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