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Ted t thanks for all the good imfo. am sure it will help mw a lot. this past winter another blacksmith let me use his forge and power hammer. In three trys I had a moderate sucess, one failure and one really good damacus billet. I had been wanting to try this for over five and finnaly got t he chance.
However I do not want to wear out my welcome so I am going to build my own forge
an am t hinking of building a hydraliuc p ress for welding my billets. do you think it will work? Thanls again for any input anyone would like to give my. Leroyk

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Now that is some exciting news that you got to have some hands on time. It makes a difference.
My qualifications for giving you this response is as follows: I am a wannabe knife maker. So please keep my expertise in-mind as I say the following.
Due to having a cash flow issue I have been looking for an economic way to create

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hey ted i went yesterday by my frien with forge and hammer and played for about 5 hrs
i made t wo billets one about240 layers and theo other oneabout 60 in the latter i put three peices of a damacsus shot gutn barrel and some 15n20 a little pure nickel and some 1095 havn't had a chance to clean up to tell if i got a weld or not will let you know when i clean it up lee

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