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How would one go about finding some large steel sheet/plate??? I am looking for one that is 6x4 and one that is 5x5. I am also looking for one that is 5' x 2' 6". I want them to be 1/4". So any suggestions on where or how to find them. My location is already known, and yes, I have called around and searched, but to no avail.

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You aren't likely to find the sizes you're looking for as such.

I'd suggest trying to find one sheet of 1/4" x 5' x 10' to make two of your pieces and one sheet of 1/4" x 4' x 8' to make the other.

Expect the 5' x 10' to be harder to find and probably more costly.

Another option is to buy enough 4' x 6' sheets to cut and weld the 5' x 5' you need.

A fab shop somewhere close relatively I guess might, MIGHT be able to help you.

Lastly you might reconsider the project to incorporate commonly available stock sizes.

Good luck,


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I'm trying to build a welding table, work table, and new forge. I will find a welding company in milwaukee or madison I guess, cuz the ones around here are small, and I know they don't carry it, because I've been to all of 'em.

I'll look for three of the 4'x6' plates now, because I can use two of them for the welding and work table. And then the other one I can cut with a torch to make two forges, or save the other half for something else.

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I've bought from speedy metals before and was pleased but I'm not sure if they carry those sizes of plate. I'm located near Appleton, WI. I think my work gets most of its sheet & plate from our local Alro Steel supplier or Liebovich Steel. I can check with the purchasing agent to verify where we usually get our 1/4" mild steel plate next week.

There is a place up here that deals in smaller quantities that i have heard of people gaving good experiences with, Appleton Steel - Appleton, Wisconsin

Alro Steel, Wauwatosa WI: Alro Specialty Metals - Milwaukee, WI

Speedy Metals, New Berlin WI: Contacting Us

Lievovich Steel, Rockford IL: Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Company

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I would suggest that you forgo the plate for a welding table and find an old exterior slab door. It is what I use. I also have gone from a 5' x 12' layout table to a 36"x64" and a 32"x64" table. Both from doors, Both on wheels Both the same height. They are flat and have usually 2 known straight edges and 1 or 2 square corners. Angle iron on the sides to create a place to clamp work straight and square.

Most of my work is smaller than either table, but when I need to do a larger piece I can put them together. I also have a couple of third hands to assist in odd size pieces.

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