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My stock removal knife...


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Yeah, this is primarily a blacksmithing forum, but I wanted to post what got me interested in blacksmithing in the first place---bladesmithing.

I know there's a gallery page here, but it's easier for me to copy+paste the urls than to try and figure out the why's and wherefore's of profile management hehe

So, without further ado, my knife---from start to finish...


Heat treated...




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And the finished product, complete with sheath...




Note that practically EVERYTHING about this knife is recycled junk---blade steel, wooden handles slabs, even the sheath material (suede with wax melted into it). The only "new" items were the brass pinning and tubing, the wax for the sheath, and the artificial sinew for the stitching. Make no mistake---I'm NOT "green" by any means, but the notion of making something beautiful and/or useful out of something that has been "cast off" does have a certain appeal.

Not to mention, the "free" aspect of junk appeals to my cheapskate nature... ;)

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Thanks yall! I'm rather proud of it (to the point of being obnoxious, I'm sure...).

This is actually the only knife I've ever made---first, last, and the totality of my bladesmithing hobby thus far. The guy that got me into it (whose workshop you see me using) was pretty impressed with it, and convinced me to look at the hobby a little more seriously. I was just after a hobby that I can share with my son as he gets older, but now I can see something a bit more...

...lucrative ;)

Anyway, this is what spawned my interest in blacksmithing. Nash 101 :D

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