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I usually lurk on forums a bit before joining, but wanted to get at some photos here. I guess first I should explain that my name here does not mean that I make japanese knives.I have had an affinity for them since I was a kid,and so that is the kind of everyday knife I carry. A folder w/a tanto blade.However I have not actually done any knife work yet.

I am fairly new to metalwork,having started about 3 or 4 years ago.Mostly what I have done has been cold working sheet(18g to 12g), in both mild and stainless. Most of this has been for SCA armour,with some being sculptural,which has created the need for normalizing. My experience w/this has been a weedburner w/firebricks forge. I have also been trying to teach myself to arc weld with a Century (230 amp I think) welding machine.

I am currently making more room in my shop for metalwork, including installing an exhaust fan for carbon monoxide and welding fumes.I will also be setting up a new forge with a venturi gas burner that my girlfriends father made for me,and trying to layout the floor plan to be more work friendly.


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Thanks guys!
I am finally back from Christmas traveling,and got to work on my shop today. I got my shutter exhaust fan mounted today,and will likely wire it tomorrow. Then it's just mounting my leg vise,hooking up the forge,and arranging my scrap pile. Then I can finally get back to work (hopefully).

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