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I Forge Iron

New Guy Learning in Iraq

Eric Farrar

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Hello everybody - I'm tired of seeing the message about not posting a bulletin yet, so I'm introducing myself now.

I am a missile maintenance NCOIC in the Army starting my 13th month of my 3rd tour in Iraq, and this time I work close to a service & recovery section that does TONS of metal fabricating by welding. Their NCOIC is the president of Kasten Steel - check it out at Kasten Steel (I wrote the first version of the web page for him and in return for writing the basic site and helping him get started in web publishing, he has been teaching me some blacksmithing). He is simply put, an Artist. He has come up with some of the most amazing iron work I have ever seen and when he gets out of the Army this next summer will be going to work full time welding and blacksmithing in Colorado where we are based out of.

I have fallen in love with hot metal - welding, forging and anything related to it since this tour started. I think my wife is going to want to kill someone when I bring all of this new hobby home - time to dull the sound of my anvil a little, I think!

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When you explain that it keeps you near home, out of bars and unattractive to women she will think that your new hobby is the greatest thing since matrimony!

Also my wife of 24.5 years sends me out to the forge when I get crabby or have "constipation of the soul" as she has noticed that no matter how upset I am when I go out an hour or two of forging and I'm serene when I come back in.

Welcome and come back SAFE!

Thomas Powers
President South West Artist Blacksmith Association, ABANA Affiliate for for NM and El Paso

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! First let me THANK YOU for your service to our great nation...Thank You. You are entering on of the most rewarding hobbies, craft, art, or whatever you choose to call it. And here at IFI you have found the most helpful bunch of folks on the planet, ready to answer questions, give some advice, or encouragement. I'm sure by now you have found the gallery, loaded with pictures of awesome work, so feel free to add to both of these sections. Great to have you, now enjoy!

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