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Looks as if this year is going to be as rough as last year..


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Based on all the things happening in our little smithing family, it looks like a tough year again.
Speaking of which Dawn ( my dear wife) has a swelling under her right arm/arm pit area. Almost in the smae place I had one last year. Thurs we go see the surgeon to talk it over and see when he will go in to remove it.
So right now it is too soon to really worry, but not too son to see about a prayer or three.
Once I know more I will post.

And for all of yall out there in need of prayers, I will be doing a blanket prayer, and for those I know about specific prayers will be going up as well.

Thanks and God Bless

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I'm genuinely sorry to hear your news, sometimes I think 'whoever' is in charge has a strange way of doing business. For what it's worth I hope that everything turns out the way that you want it to, for the best. Keep your head up my friend.

Your never beat until you say so, even if you lose.


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