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anyang 33 lb hammer [thank you]

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Firstly my apology to any one,if my frustrations of getting my hammer up and running seemed negitive towards the hammer,that couldnt be further from the truth.My problems were small and easy to fix.I have spent the last two day working with my new hammer and love it,and is great addition to my shop.I have spent 27 yrs commercial fishing off shore swinging very heavy traps in all kinds of weather,vary phsically demanding and hard on the body.To top it off I had a bad motorcycle wreck,breaking 26 bones and 4 dislocations.I highly recomend this hammer to any one with injuries,arthritis or what ever ,your body will thank you.It takes up little space and packs a big punch.My thanks goes out to James.r.Johnson[AnyangU.S.A.]who has taken the time by phone and email to help me set the hammer up.SteveH the Canadian dealer for [Anyang] was a pleasure to deal with and very supportive. AND THANK YOU to all the member of I forge iron with the positive input and support that helped make the installation a success.Its time to get back to work and start saving my pennies for the anyang 41-40.BEST REGARDS

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The following are members of IForgeIron and Anyang dealers

SteveH - Steve Hansl, Canada Distributor Anyang

JohnN - John Nicholson, UK Distributor Anyang
Jamesrjohnson - James Johnson, USA Distributor Anyang
Moony - Glenn Moon, Australian distributor Anyang

contact them through the IForgeIron PM.

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