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Messed up folds

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Hello i am still new to this sight and making Damascus. I have been reading past posts and found them helpful. But have not found my specific problem.
What i am working with is a small billet of metal banding and saw blades. My first weld went well at least it seemed to and so did my second what i was trying to do when it went to pot was square up my billet when i laid it along the sides it started to split along the edges. I am working with a gas air dull arm vintuie burners and about 25 psi of a 200 lb tank working my billet at about a light Orange heat any help would be greately appreciated. also maybe it messed me up because i included 2 small thin pices of stanless in that billet

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thanks for the reply i think i was more in the yellow range after i went out and tryed a diffrent billet without the stainless it welded fine but my refractry started to melt bad so i have to re clay its turning to glass so i think i put too much morter mix in it thanks for the advice not to hunt for a better discription for a refractory mix thanks

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