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Hey all, i'm just starting to get into blacksmithing (by just starting i mean i dont even have the forge completely built yet) i was wondering where most people get their metal for forging from? there are not a lot of scrap yards up here in rhode island and i cant imagine everyone special orders blocks of iron and steel. i dont really have any specific plans as to what i am going to make. i figure i will make some basic tools and move on to ornamental pieces and blades and see where it takes me. any suggestions on where to start my collection?

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Welcome to IFI. You have come to the right place to learn that is for sure. Collecting up steel and other raw materials is every blacksmiths mission. There are many places to get it. You could start by looking for old car parts. Leaf springs and torsion arms are good steel to make blades and such out of. You could also look in the phone book for any recycling centers most places like that have a steel pile that sometimes people can go pick through. Also check the local fabrication shops sometimes they are willing to part with some good size pieces out of there scrap bins. Of course, you can always check pawn shops for old files and such that you could put to the fire and bang out something cool. If that doesn't produce any goodies you can always buy from a steel supplier there are hundreds of them online shipping is a bugger though. Good luck with the hunt let us know what you find.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Always glad to have one more wanting to get metal hot and then doing something cool with it! Check the yellow pages for any fabrication shops in your area. Some will let you 'browse' their dumpsters for 'usable to you' scrap. Tell them what you are wanting to do with it and they may help you out. Don't forget to make and drop it by sometime. Donuts will often get you into places that others can't tread.;) Also, search the archives as there are several different (and lengthy) threads on this very subject. Good luck. Oh yeah, don't forget your PPE when you go to any shop, Hard hat, safety glasses, and leather gloves!

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