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Coal where to get it cheap?


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Hey everyone,

I am looking to find some coal. I live in Washington State and I have checked the local farm and feed stores but no one seems to carry it. One store said they could get me 50lb bags of it from northern california for $50 a bag. That seemed kind of high to me. Does anyone know a good source for ferriers/blacksmith coal?

Many thanks,


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Here are three places in Washington. I don't know how close they might be to you.

Central Fuel, 1945 S. Market Blvd., Chehalis, WA 98532. TEL: (360) 748-8808. Bring your own containers.
Morris Coal Sales, 26458 Black Diamond Road SE, Maple Valley, WA 98953. TEL: (206) 432-3330.
Harry’s Leather Shop, 2712 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201 TEL: (425) 252-5262

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Harry's Leather doesn't sell coal any more. I wish I'd picked up a couple more tons. Anybody have any feed back on the coal from Central Fuel ? I got a few buckets from Morris Coal as it's my neighbors family business but it was dirty and made a lot of clinkers. Anybody gotten any coal from Star Fuel and Ice in Tacoma ? Before the economy went ..... up , all the coal dealers were getting record prices , a lot of it was going to China, I believe.

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I have got some that I would gladly get you fixed up, but unfortunately, way to far away from you. You might want to see if you can look up a site for a US Coal association if you have something like that down there. That is what I had to do to find a supplier. Took some time, but it was worth it. Had to go 700 miles to get it from the mine, but brought home 7 tons. It is fine, but it works well.

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