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Do you temper your spike knives ?

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Sorry to post so many questions in the last few days but I am nervous while I am making my first knife/anything.

I have read that some people do not temper their spike knives because they don't want to lose any of the little hardness it has. Is this a good idea ? I don't want my knife to crack either :confused:

Thank you guys again, everyone has been so great!


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Awesome thanks guys! Yeah Frosty I am going to whip up some super quench for it. And to Robert, you are still a lot more experienced than I so your thoughts are appreciated! :D Sounds like I've gotten my answer. Sorry I know this discussion has occurred in other threads but I read about people both tempering and not tempering their RR spikes. I will not be doing so.

Hopefully someday I'll be helpful to someone =)


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Glad to hear it Fiery :D Super Quench is simply a quenching mixture. I have found two recipes that are very similar. Perhaps posting it here will bring more of em.
# 4 1/2 gallons water
# 5 lb. salt
# 32 oz. Dawn dish soap (blue)
# 8 oz. Shaklee Basic I
5 Gal water
5 Lbs table salt
32 oz dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue stuff)
8 oz Shaklee Basic "I" (a wetting agent)

Sadly I am not on my laptop so don't have the stated substitute for Shaklee saved. At least I hope I have it on there 0.0. I think I will try the 1st since it is just less water, so if not the same it will be slightly more concentrated. I am also not sure if table salt always has to be used as opposed to rock salt.. which would be a much cheaper alternative. Maybe someone will know

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