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Uses for Common Scrap - Brake Discs

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A bit off-beat from blacksmithing, but if you do any work on a lathe then old disks can be used as a sort of "disposable faceplate" for holding awkward shaped jobs.

Centre it up on the big boss in the centre using the 4-jaw.

Drill and tap it, grind retaining grooves, even weld brackets and angle pieces onto it, all the stuff you would not dare do to a proper faceplate.

When it starts to get a bit tatty, or has a few too many holes in it, simply throw it away and find another.


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Third hand stand I can do -- lathe isn't big enough for the faceplate thing, though I did think of that. That's on topic, I think! They seem a little shallow for firepots. Was thinking stands, but third hand is the first thing I've heard that I won't knock over. More are welcome. :) Other ones I've thought of:

Bolt-on flywheel for something that needs the extra umph (drill press?)
May use one for an exercise bike I'm building... ought to run a lot truer than the exercise disc weights I was going to use.
Slack belt pulley? (Bolt two together?) That could actually be handy... would it need some crowning?

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