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Hey yall,
My name is Zach Daugherty friends call me Ark. i live in Morgantown Ky and am 21 years old. I don't know what came over me but one day I woke up and just wanted to be a blacksmith. I did some research , bought some books and ended up building a 55 forge. 4 S-hooks and 2 dinner bells later I was hooked. now I can't drive down the road without scanning the ditches for scrap steel. I'll probably be flooding the forum with elementary questions since i'm an apprentice w/o a teacher. gimme a shout!

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Zach, welcome to Iforgeiron and the wonderful world of blacksmithing!

I also 'scan the ditches for scrap steel'.......I think it's a sign of 'blacksmithing addiction'!

If you have any questions, just ask.....

There are lots of friendly folks here willing to help.

By the way.......where is Morgantown Ky?

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Welcome aboard Zach, glad to have ya.

Nothing wrong with keeping an eye open for stray stock in the ditches I say. You can't make things without stock and there's no reason to . . . BUY :o it if you don't have to.

Ask away, some of us are just plain happy to yak. ;)


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