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Hood over gas forge? Shop ideas?

Glenn Lyford

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In the early planning stages of a small shop building, to include a stacked brick type gas forge. I'm limitted to 10x12 but can have overhangs, and would like to use some of this space for storing a snowblower and the like as well. Bouncing between pole shed and stick built, insulated and sheetrocked to keep the sparks off the structure, or some variation using steel siding and sheetmetal studs. Probably end up with a gable roof to fit in with other nearby structures.

My original plan was for the forge back in one corner, with a hood over it. For a coal forge, I see vent diameters listed between 10 and 12", but I've not seen any specs for recommended flue size for a vent hood over a gas forge, other than a vague recommendation that there simply be one.

My next thought was to short-circuit the whole vent issue completely and stick the forge just outside a 5' sliding door at one end, with the post vise and anvil just inside (so I wouldn't have to move them to lock up at night) with an eave overhang (maybe 2-1/2') over the forge. If I go this route, would I still want some sort of hood over the forge, or would I be mostly okay by being open on 3 sides? Would I be asking for heat damage to a metal roof (r-panel or similar) about 5' above the forge? Big advantage with this layout is that I'd be working in the doorway, and wouldn't have to tie up as much storage space for working room inside. Does this sound too crazy? Am I better off just sucking it up and using the inside space?

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i dont think you even need a vent for a gas forge..i would say that all you need is a good venting fan in the top eaves

Burning fuel produces carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. both are deadly in high concentrations, and can do damage in lower concentrations. for working indoors, he is best off with a flue to pull the harmful gases away.
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So it sounds like you think a vent hood is a good idea for a gas forge, even when it's semi-open. Can you point me to anything on what good design parameters are for a vent hood? Will it be basically be the same size as a smoke hood for a coal forge (10 to 12" flue), or can it be smaller, like a 6 or 8" flue? This would be for a single 3/4" atmospheric burner. Any tricks to keeping it from becoming yellowjacket central, besides switching to a coal forge and smoking them out?

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