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I Forge Iron

Hello from South Africa:)


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I just joined this forum tonight and this seemed to be the obvious thread to begin on. Hello then everyone and I look forward to speaking about the thing that is obviously a passion of everyone here, blacksmithing.
I love metal and forming it into what I want it to be even though all I've made lately on my brother's advice was a sword. Sadly and unfortunately I had to do this with a bar of mild-steel, a grinder and a welder. I've got an anvil luckily that I inherited seeing as my great-grandfather was a blacksmith, but now I seriously need my forge! Help!

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Anduril777, welcome to Iforgeiron!

So you want to build a forge?

You can go to the front ( or opening) page of IFI and go to 'Lessons in metalworking'....or the 'Getting Started' section.
I think you can follow the links and find information on 'forges.

You can also use the Search at the top of the page and just type in the kind of forge you want to learn about.....coal forge, gas forge,etc.
there's lots of info on forges all over the place here.....happy reading!
Any questions you have are also welcome.


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welcome Anduril777
good to have you on board. It seems we'll get a growing community here...slowly...

Please go to the green bar at the top of the forum and click user cp. Then add your location and save. We would like to know where in the world you are located. (Sorry glenn, used your text :D)

if you are not too far, maybe you can pop in quickly..i'm always happy if i can serve the ZA community....


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