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"White Iron Hunter"


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Just a little preface on this knife:
I took a little motorcycle ride this September to one of my favorite places in the world - The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - in Northeast Minnesota, for a few days of down-time and some freash air.
While there, I ended up on the radio and local television with over 2 hours of air time! After all was said and done, I was "handed" a project to design a set of knives which I dubbed the "Boundary Waters Tribute Knives".
The on-going set of knives will be for a high-end Outfitter in Ely, Minnesota.
I chose to name the three knives after three prominent lakes in the Ely area.
They will eventually be the "Burntside Bowie", the "White Iron Hunter" and the "Shagawa Personal Carry".
When the series is officially released, the three knives will all be offered in Stabilized Hickory.
This is the first in the series, "The White Iron Hunter".
For the design on this hunter I used a knife that I saw on a gun dealer's table at an antique gun show in Michigan. I know how time can play tricks, but the fellow had me convinced that the knife was from the late 1800s. I had no reason to doubt him. The knife seemed to be the ultimate in simplicity.
Forged down from my heavy 5160 stock and selectively hardened.
This knife, which will be available at the Ohio Custom Knife Show, is a take-down model with Macassar Ebony for a handle.


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