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Show us your Fire tools


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My fire tools and a few turning tools too. Left to right: knotted handle for a new fire poker(not yet tapered), turning/scrolling fork, monkey wrench, ladle for water, fire poker, spoon(great for getting coal out of fire pot when done forging), shovel, and fire rake. Nothing fancy-just the bare necessities.;)


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Here's the fire tools I use regularly.
I made most of these several years ago and always intended to make nicer ones.....but these work and haven't broken or worn out.......

Left to right...

A sprinkler made from a stick of wood and a soup can....a roofing nail is driven through the edge of the can into the end of the handle.
I've made 4 or 5 of these in 35 years.....they keep rusting out.

A rake made from 1/4 in. rod and a section of metal refrigerator rack.....the old ones were made of steel

An ordinary little poker with wooden handle

A little scoop made from a piece of heavy aluminum sheet and an old hammer handle. I made it curved to fit in 5 gal. buckets and to clean out my round bottomed 'wheel' forge.

A 20 in. long piece of angle iron I use as a slice sometimes.........The end is flattened.

What's confusing maybe, is that I might use the scoop to rake coal into the fire....or I might use the slice as a poker.

It just depends on what I need to do at certain times........and what tool happens to be in my hand.



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