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How do you locate local Blacksmithing groups/clubs?

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Glenn, not sure where the right place to mention this is, but I notice that maine NH VT and MA all dont list any association, CT only lists the CT guild, and the New England Blacksmiths is only listed under RI, but in fact the NEB is the whole region, and quite a large group with a great membership. If it could be added to those other states, that would help make the list more accurate.

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Thank You for your replies.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but when I look at the ABANA and CBA (California Blacksmiths Association) websites, I don't see any groups with activities or meetings, etc, near where I live (though I suppose that's all relative, distance or what might be considered "close.")

Though I couldn't locate it on the CBA list, I had stopped by the "Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum" located in Vista, California, just north of San Diego a couple years back. It is an hour-and-a-half (84-miles) away.

They have an active blacksmith shop, offer blacksmithing classes and (turns out) are affiliated with the CBA. The 2008 Spring Conference was held there last April.

Welcome to the Vista California Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, Inc., 2040 North Santa Fe Avenue @ Museum Way, 92083

That said, I wonder if there is any group, any closer?

Oh well, maybe I'll need to make 84-miles, each way, work. Appreciate all your help.

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Unfortunately, it's fairly typical of many blacksmith group websites to be notoriously out of date.

When I was webmaster and newsletter editor for CDBA (Capital District Blacksmiths Assn [of NY]) I had to scour websites, newsletters and even make phone calls to the other groups in our area to get a clear picture of all the nearby events that our members might be interested in as well. Heck, Berkshire Blacksmiths (our neighbor due East) doesn't even HAVE a website so unless you run into a member you'd never know they existed.

So I absolutely agree with Frosty; contact them.

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Thanks Frosty and Gobae.

I'll likely make the trip to the Vista museum and take a class or two there starting November 1, 2008.

I can join CBA and ABANA. They basically require that you join both organizations in order to take their classes, plus it's just a good thing to do.

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Are you saying that after a year of spreading the word it turns out they were ten minutes from you all the time?

Okay, I guess that's a lesson to all of us to spread the word close to home too.

Life's a hoot aint it?


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