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Where are good sources for used anvils?

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It's getting tougher and tougher to compete with the antique dealers and collectors, but if you keep looking you can find one. Remember that it doesn't have to be shaped like a london pattern anvil to be a good serviceable anvil. A nice big chunk of scrap can be decent to work on. Also, did you look up / join the CBA yet? There's a lot of good folks in So.Cal. that would probably either have a loaner or be able to help you out with your quest. Also good folks to get some instruction from. Join CBA, best $45 you could spend if you want to get into this art! Was for me anyway.

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Actually I think e-bay is a terrible place to get smithing tools and equipment with prices often being several times what I can get from going out and beating the bushes.

A good blacksmithing conference will often have great tailgating for equipment. I just got back from Quad-State and saw over 100 anvils for sale on-site and even ended up buying a 5" postvise just cause I couldn't bear to see it so cheap! Now I have to sell on of my others to keep the pile contained.

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I decided to stop by a local antique dealer that displays an enormous (fake) Anvil, in the yard, in front of his shop.

He said he "buys up every used/antique anvil he can find."

That, followed by:

"A week ago, I sold an 80-pound anvil, a 1901 (vintage,) in good condition, for $175 and a week earlier another for $675. The reason the other one sold for $675, was that it was from the 1860's (civil war era) and had a cannon cast into the side."

He said he gets them in all the time, and to check back in the future.

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To be honest, and this is really frustrating, I dealt with this until I got my first good anvil, thanks to Art. One of the best ways is word of mouth. tell everyone you know to mention to everyone that they know that they have a friend looking for an anvil. Amazing how fast that can work.

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