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hows this for an idea

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what about a general idea of the area you come from, so any new smiths or whatever could possibly find a mentor, im in the owen sound area myself

Hi Canuk
If you check out the information in the upper right hand corner of any post you can see the poster's location. Mine says I'm in Hamilton Ontario, so any smiths in the Hamilton area can email me privately and we can talk.

I see yours just says ontario canada - think about changing that to something like Owen Sound, Ontario so people have a better idea of where in Ontario you're at.

Also, don't be afraid to politely suggest to new posters to include their location in their member profile - alot of people skip this part. One of the key purposes of IFI is to hopefully get in touch with other smiths that are local to you and share skills and knowledge.

Sorry you're so far away Canuk, but maybe we'll meet up at an OABA meeting.
Keep hammerin'. :D

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Canuck where in the owe sound area? I am in Neustadt just below Hanover.

David Robertson is in Cargill area just outside of Walkerton, he has lots of courses and is great to talk to you may already know him. I just bought one of his Powerhammers and am looking forward to getting it running.
here is Davids link

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