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Can't see Blueprints

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I don't get this, it says there are over 500 Blueprints but I can only access 0-100, 100-200, and 1000. I've asked before and been told this is correct but folks keep posting links to blueprints I can't access - for example, a recent one was Welcome to the Frontpage
(this should read forgeiron.com/blueprints-300-400/bp0352-chisels-reconditioned-2.html)
If I click on it all I get is a page titled "welcome to the frontpage" with lots of links that if clicked come up with an error page! - 404 resource not found.

I'm sure it must be me, but can anyone explain this please! :(


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Hi Friends,

I believe this blueprint snafu started nearly five months ago in last May when there was a system wide software change being made. At the time, when the Blueprints problem started, it was thought (hoped) it would take a day or two to straighten out. Obviously, that has not proven to be the case. As I understand it, Glenn and Andrew have been working on the issue ever since. Hopefully they will be able to rectify the problem. Although it would be a loss to lose several hundred Blueprints, it would not be the end of the world. As we have seen, we have survived (somewhat) the last several months without them.

I had no idea how much many of us used the Blueprints, perhaps even more so than the forums. I, for one, have found that my visits to IForgeIron have slowly tapered off, in part, for that reason. Perhaps we need to focus on making new Blueprints?!

I wonder if throwing some money at the problem would help fix it? You know, like to being able to pay for extra programming time or hire more expertise, or something? If it could help, I'd be pleased, as I'm sure many would, to make a donation for the cause!

All the best, Phil

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