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reference for metalurgy of many metals


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If you're interested in an excellent explanation here on the site go to blueprint 0078 by Quenchrack. I was hunting around for a bit more technical information when I stumbled across this.
I saw an old reference to a company called Timkin that used to produce a great manual (practical data handbook) that they've been producing since 1953. but you had to have a company name. It appears that now they have made it available online (free) as a PDF file. There is also a great calculation page for weight of various normal and unusual shaped tubes(in inches and metric). the link is


If you want the technical information on steels this is a great place to start.

there are also individual PDF files for most new metals at

just click on the appropriate category then go to town. Personally I would recommend right clicking and then saving to somewhere safe on your computer so you don't have to download it each time. or maybe print out a copy of the ones you use the most.

One last link, it is in the same area under tech tips but I thought I

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The "gold standard" is probably the ASM Handbooks that cover pretty much everything metal. The old ones were one volume but the new ones take a shelf and are quite pricy new!

I look for ones that are an issue or two out of date and then get the volumes I need, eg Heat treating, Using a forge and scrap metal I don't need the latest info anyway! (I also have a copy of the 1947 handbook)

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(I also have a copy of the 1947 handbook)

'Tis a rare day indeed when I can trumph Master Thomas. I've got a copy of the 1939 edition (free from a buddy's dad's stash), several volumes of the 8th edition, and I recently scored one volume of the 9th for FIVE BUCKS. :P

Of course, he still has more books than me overall. :rolleyes:

Anyway, one can find volumes of the 8th edition for $25 or less if one scrounges around. Excellent stuff!
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