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Leather apron with staples?

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Someone is advertising what they call a "welding safety apron" in the local FB Marketplace; it's basically a heavy leather apron with a quilted fabric lining, with a slit and leg straps like a farrier's apron. The interesting thing is that most of it is covered with heavy metal staples that go all the way through. Anyone seen anything like this before? I imagine it would be good for industrial shops where there's a high chance of getting cut, but I suspect the staples might not be great for keeping the heat from a forge at bay.

Product photo of Welding Safety Apron

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I suspect that it would be used by a meat cutter or butcher to defend against accidental cuts, similar to mail gloves, sleeves, or aprons.  I suspect that it would be inferior to a regualr leather apron for blacksmithing because of the weight and lower insulation.  I'd pass even if it was free.


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Might be good if you sharpened a lot of knives or did a lot of wire wheel work. It'd probably be just the thing if your shop gremlins come at you with little simitars but I think it's specialty PPE for other than blacksmithing or hot shop work.

Looks cool though, maybe a Halloween costume? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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