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Anvil Stand mock up

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 Hey guys and gals,

This is the mock up of my anvil stand, as i have never tried blacksmithing yet, i was wondering if you all see anything in this mock up that would cause a problem.

i want to make any changes before final sanding/grinding of stand. i will work on tool holders once i know this is all ok.

let me know what ya think.  The angle iron that i used is small this i know but it is what i had on hand, once i see that i will be continuing with this trade/hobby i will be swapping out any metal for a heavier guage.

Thanks in advance,




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I would mount the anvil square to the block instead of diagonal . That corner would be right where you would want to stand. If you center it and square it up, it will give you more foot room. Once you decide whether  you like the horn facing left or right, you can remount a little closer to the edge but probably will just be fine centered side to side.


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Good Morning,

If you put a lump of Silicone (Bath Tub Silicone), under the Anvil, you won't need the Angle bar. If you grind the base so there are 3 slightly higher lumps/feet, it won't wobble on any surface. If you make a steel base, use 3 legs (same reason). This is not sending Rockets to the Moon, it is making a point to hammer on, comfortably. With a wood base, if you have a friend over, that is taller. Make plywood shims for the bottom of the base. A Sky-Hook will get in the way LOL.

Welcome from the West Coast!!


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Looks like a good stand to me. That angle iron just keeps the anvil from twisting and that thickness s fine. As long as it is the right height I would say it's good to go but I also suggest turning it square to the block.

I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails. ~ Semper Paratus

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Yes to the above, I don't use calk or other adhesives under my anvils. When they were on wood blocks I mounted the hold downs so they produced force downwards into the block and were opposed to the stops and each other. Rotating your anvil square so horn and heel are over your tie down anchors and the stops are under horn and heel is how I mounted mine before I started morticing them into the wood and stopped using hold downs.

Anyway, anchor bolts will apply force down and into the stops. also working lengthways on the anvil provides a wider base of dynamic anchorage. It's sort of how we chained our drill rigs to trailers.

Frosty The Lucky.

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