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Shelfield anvil?

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Has anyone heard of this kind of anvil? Is it a quality type, or more cheap/generic? I've been looking around for kind of a while and now found someone one Ebay with several anvils for sale in Mass. Life has been pretty busy but I might finally be able to set up a makeshift shop until I'm done with my "shed."

Thanks all for the help.

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If it is the one in Larry's post it looks to be a quite old one---I think the pritchel was drilled later as it doesn't show signs of being punched on the bottom and so was probably a retrofit; so probably made prior to 1820.

It is still in quite usable shape and would make a good beginner's anvil.

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here is the link to the Anvil 104 lb anvil/R2 - eBay (item 300223529933 end time Sep-06-08 08:13:30 PDT)

And yes, the seller is 69Chuck.. I'm guessing by the "real proud of them" your saying he wants too much $? I did see the 203lbs one, however, 5 days is long enough for that to jump to $300, actually the prices usually spike in the last few hours.

Thanks for you help all, if you want to see the other anvils he is selling I'll post the links. I just try to avoid flooding sites with ebay links if I can help it. He has a decent Peter Wright and a 169lbs anvil as well, but the one linked above seems to be in the best shape.. judging with my untrained eye and all.

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